A Break Down of our Eco-Friendly Services

At Global Office Supplies we do the very best to help you transform your office into a green working environment. We’re happy to give advice, provide you with green office products and offer a wide range of services to ensure you meet and exceed your green office targets.

What Services Do We Offer?

Free Stationery Audit

Purchasing stationery for your office annually can mount up to be quite a significant amount of money, so it is essential that you find the very best deals. Our stationery audits can help you identify green alternatives and make sure you save an average of 30% of your total annual spend.

Next Day Delivery

Global Office Supplies like to go the extra mile and make life as easy as possible for our customers. We do this in many ways, with the most popular being through our next day delivery service.

We deliver every order placed by 5pm in London on the very same day, regardless of the quantity. We understand that sometimes circumstances crop up and leave you in dire need of some emergency office supplies. So you can count on us.

Not only this, but the best part about our quick delivery service is that you can receive your items on the next day free of charge (on orders over £35) and using low-emission vehicles! We said we had you covered.

Recycling & Sustainability

The most popular service we provide is our recycling & sustainability service. This is where we collect your offices recycling bins using our very own low emission vehicles. In fact, Global Office Supplies can collect around 96% of your conventional office waste in an eco-friendly manner, and to go one step further, we offer an additional toner and mobile phone recycling service.

Free Toner and Mobile Phone Recycling

As well as recycling your typical office waste, Global Office Supplies also offer a free toner and mobile phone recycling service. We use a four-step process to do this, which is nice and simple:

  1. Receive one of our recycling packets
  2. Fill it
  3. Send it back to us
  4. We’ll recycle it

Print Management Services

The final service we are going to talk about today is our eco-friendly print management service that allows you to print a range of items, from business cards, leaflets to brochures; whatever it is you need, we can print it.
Next time you think about hiring a printing service, why not choose us? We can help you save money and reach your aim of going green.

Global Office Supplies offer a variety of services to help your office go green. We produce recycled office supplies and offer recycling services right at the click of a button. As well as helping save the environment, we also help you save costs along the way.
We not only offer excellent recycling services, but we also collect your recycling using our very own low emission vehicles and can collect around 96% of your office waste. In fact, whatever you leave, we can most likely recycle it!

See our full range of services here

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