Essential Office Equipment and Supplies

Every office needs a certain amount of office equipment to operate efficiently. This can range anywhere from staplers and paper clips to sleeping pods and pool tables, but what are the bare essentials?


First things first, some basic furniture is required; comfortable seating that can be adjusted to the correct height, desks to work at, shelving and storage, filing cabinets for keeping important documents organised. These are just some items of essential furniture to get you started in an office.

Information Technology

No modern office is complete without computers, laptops and smartphones and a good network to keep them all connected. A quality internet connection is also essential to ensure that communication is reliable and a website and corresponding email address is a must for any business that wants to succeed.

Printers and Copiers

Despite the promise of paperless offices, we are not quite there yet. Almost every modern office needs a printer to create hard copies of electronic documents and files. Whether your business provides a service or a product, there are all sorts of information and documents that need printing including invoices, packing slips, promotional materials and letters.

Copiers are still widely used where digital copies are not available or where thousands of copies are needed, but multifunction printers with the ability to print, fax and copy are sometimes a cost-effective alternative.

Of course, printers and copiers require ink cartridges or toner that needs replacing once it has depleted, however, replacing them is an easy task and used toner cartridges can be recycled.

Did you know – only 15% of the 65 million toner cartridges sold in the UK every year are reused or recycled? Global Office Supplies can collect your used ink and toner cartridges for free for reuse and recycling.

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Printers and copiers are relatively useless without paper to print on. Keeping a good supply of paper to hand will ensure that you are never short of it when you need it. As well as paper for printers and copiers, a provision of notepads, notebooks and sticky notes is also useful to keep around the office.

A Good Shredder

A business is responsible for the information it possesses. Under the Data Protection Act, businesses must ensure that any confidential information such as employee’s personal information, client’s sensitive materials or confidential notes are stored and disposed of securely.

Simply putting documents in the waste paper bin isn’t good enough, they need to be destroyed. A good shredder can destroy multiple pages at once, saving time and ensuring that any information that passes through it cannot get into the wrong hands. Of course, this also helps to hide your company secrets and avoid leaking information to your competitors.

For businesses with larger volumes or limited resources, Global Office Supplies offer a simple four-step solution. We supply secure receptacles for your unwanted documents, collect them when they are full, shred the enclosed documents either in our mobile shredding trucks or by taking them to a secure shredding facility and, finally, recycle the remains.

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Last but by no means least, stationery. This covers a huge number of items in your office, from the absolute basics such as pens and writing equipment, right through to folders and envelopes. Staplers and staples, highlighters, scissors, drawing pins and whiteboard markers are all things that are used almost every day, which most offices would be lost without.

If you want to save money on your office supplies, stationery is a good place to start. Global Office Supplies can save you up to 30% on your annual spend, why not arrange a free stationery audit?

Global Office Supplies specialise in cutting down costs on the products that your office consumes on a daily basis. Our selection of award winning services provides the green office solution you have been looking for all under one roof, saving time, money and the environment.

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